Whole Being Coaching

$100.00 60 minutes

1 Hour

Lets sit in presence together. In mutuality we’ll listen deeply to receive what’s emerging in your process and the guidance it has for your unique unfolding into greater wholeness. Bring your questions, aspirations, challenges or growth edges… and together we’ll feel and discriminate the way forward.

These sessions don’t involve any structured tools or processes, nor do they focus purely on the mental game, or energy cultivation, or emotional integration, or goal setting and accountability, or karmic releasing… these sessions are about deeply and subtly listening to your Whole Being, at all levels, and inviting its organic wisdom to lead you into more clarity in your sense making and pathfinding forward in your life.

The Yoga of Gazing may be engaged in at length if wanted, to quicken the presencing function that is the basis of the deep listening involved.

These sessions are delivered online via Zoom or Phone call. For in-person sessions, please contact Chris first to check for scheduling a visit to Mitcham, Melbourne, Australia.