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The 44 astral bodies included in the deck are:

Sun Moon
Saturn Black Moon Lilith
Pluto Persephone
Eros Psyche
Priapus Hygeia
Mars Venus
Pan Lilith
Jason Medea
Ganesh Part of Fortune
Apollo Diana
Jupiter Juno
Bacchus Eris
Chiron Hekate
Mercury Vesta
Orpheus Medusa
Uranus Ceres
Vulcan Dark Moon
Merlin Astraea
Yeshua Magdalene
Rudra Kali
Neptune Pallas-Athena
Shiva Parvati

The Astrolacle – Essentials Edition


The Astrolacle 

(/ˈæs.strəʊl.æ.kəl ˈ/ˈ a-strol-a-cul ˈ/)

The Astrolacle – The Embodied Astrology Oracle Deck offers you entry into the long hidden lineage of whole being healing and embodied spiritual awakening within astrology. The signs of the zodiac form our shamanic medicine wheel and the astral bodies of our natal chart become our focus. Their associated archetypes guide us into the collective wisdom of our ancestors – opening us to allow the deities to bestow divine graces upon our journey.

The Astrolacle’s purpose is to facilitate your transformation through ritual magic. As an oracle it will deliver insights and guidance. As you meditate on the sigils, contemplate the myths of their archetypes, and call on the grace of their Deity nature, embodied changes will come into your life.

The Essentials Edition is printed on large (89mm x 146mm) thick glossy card in rich black and white, focused on the sigils, provided with an 8 page booklet on how to use The Astrolacle, all housed in a sturdy custom printed box. It contains 60 cards: The 12 Zodiac Signs, 2 Nodes and 2 Eclipses, and 44 astral bodies.