What Is Pellowah Energ Healing?

The name Pellowah is apparently an angelic word for “Radical Shift In Consciousness”.

It is a simple, powerful and effective way to increase the capacity for positive lasting change in your life.

Pellowah activates your own spiritual light from the inside out, aligning your being from your DNA through to your higher chakras above the crown.

It calms the emotions and clears the mind, allowing your innate wisdom to more readily guide you.

Pellowah enables you to achieve an expanded level of consciousness and awareness, thus enabling you to operate on higher energetic frequencies.

Pellowah also helps you to become more attuned or sensitive to energetic currents, thus complementing any other healing modality you may do (it’s not necessary to have done any prior work/healing modality though).

During a Pellowah session you simply lay down and receive the energy. Without making physical contact the practitioner may direct the energy into your being’s subtle fields via movement of their hands.

You may experience nothing more than deep relaxation during the session, however people typically report other sensations like tingling, energy flows, lightness, lights or colours appearing, a sensation of floating, a rumbling stomach, the twitching of muscles and so on.

The real benefit of a session is seen in the days, weeks and months following the session.

I’m excited to see how Pellowah can benefit you… 

Pellowah Energy Healing

$80.00 60 minutes

1 Hour

We’ll touch base via a short text or call (using FB Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc) before you lay down on your bed or massage table to receive the Pellowah Energy Healing for about 45minutes. Once complete, we’ll reconnect to debrief. Ideal before going to sleep for the evening.