Life Clearing Journey

$1,200.00 60 minutes

8 x 1 Hour (allow 2 hours per session)

The Life Clearing Journey gives you 8 x 1 hour sessions of intensive transformation via Emotional Integration Tools™. It can include The Tantric Spiral™ (The Sexual Spiral and The Spiritual Spiral together), The Body Spiral, and/or The Wealth Spiral with additional Shamanic Clearing and Karmic Releasing to connect these generic processes with your unique needs. Energy Meditations will be used to support the process and facilitate integration. Best undertaken after completing the Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey (that includes The Spiral) first.

We will schedule the additional 7 sessions at the end of the first. Online sessions are delivered via Phone or Zoom. Please allow up to 2 hours per session.

Please contact Chris directly to arrange payment and scheduling of this journey. Thank you!