Custom Renewal Journey

$1,200.00 60 minutes

8 x 1 Hour (allow 2 hours per session)

The Custom Renewal Journey gives you 8 x 1 hour sessions of intensive transformation following an intuitively guided, and/or ‘as requested’ by you, mix of my transformational tools – Shamanic Clearing, Karmic Releasing, Energy Meditations and Embodied Astrology (archetypal counselling or medicine wheel work if you have The Astrolacle). It can include doing a series of Core Character Integration processes, and generally will involve intensive Shamanic Clearing and increased energetic support between sessions to maximize the journey’s potential. Come with a goal or challenge in your life, something needing healing, a desire for awakenings or specific activations, or simply an open mind to explore how your life might unfold more richly through transformative work.

We will schedule the additional 7 sessions at the end of the first. Online sessions are delivered via Phone or Zoom. Please allow up to 2 hours per session.

Please contact Chris directly to arrange payment and scheduling of this journey. Thank you!