Archetypal Awakening Session

$275.00 2 hours

2 Hours (allow up to 3 hours)

These “Archetypal Awakening” sessions combine Emotional Integration Tools™Embodied Astrology™The Yoga of Gazing™, mantric invocation, and space to explore how to integrate the benefits into your life. You can come with a life issue, desire to explore a particular archetypal deity, or allow what’s aligned to the highest good and greatest joy to emerge intuitively in the Astrological Medicine Wheel. You may journey again and again with the same archetype or different archetypes or sometimes, if it emerges as an organic necessity, multiple archetypes within a session.

These sessions are intended to be in-person, in Mitcham, Melbourne, Victoria. To book an online session using Zoom you need to have in your hands The Astrolacle . You also need to have a private space where you can move and make loud sounds in, and be hands and cord free… aka you need good volume speakers connected.