Personal Support For Your Unique Unfolding

1on1 Sessions

When you want support to go deep into your unique process, lets book a standard session to get started with experiencing this approach and find out how it can work for you. All sessions are delivered online via Zoom or phone call.

“I see the effects of this work every day. I feel the changes. I recognise the potency and power that has been pouring back into my life because of this work. My life has already transformed so much thanks to this.” ~ Beata Maz

“This work and process is truly a hidden gem stone.” ~ Jens Berkan

“These days, I tend not to turn to readers or guides for support in life, I turn to change makers and energetic magicians like Chris, who help me to shift the really deep underlying stooooof that subconsciously shapes our lives.” ~ Pippa La Doube

“I highly recommend this deep, inner, soul work for any one genuinely seeking to release old psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic baggage.” ~ An Anonymous Ananda

“The results were so much deeper and more powerful than anything I’d experienced in the past.” ~ Lynda Bayada

  • Discovery Session

    $50.00 30 minutes
  • Standard Session

    $150.00 60 minutes
  • Core Character Integration

    $450.00 3 hours
  • Astro-Weather Insight Session

    $250.00 1 hour

Please let me know about upcoming events, sessions and special offers...

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