Orgasms, Kundalini, Awakening & Embodiment - WTF?

I sat down to do some website update tasks tonight and instead this poured out of me. I’m not sure how I feel about it all, if I agree with it all, or if it’s all true or not. Maybe 80/20 all round.

What do you think?


Kundalini Chiti Shakti is the Divine Intelligent Power of Awakening. Only SHE can grant you entry into Conscious Embodiment.

> Eros is not Kundalini Chiti Shakti
> Orgasm is not Kundalini Chiti Shakti
> Chi is not Kundalini Chiti Shakti
> Prana is not Kundalini Chiti Shakti
> Kundalini is not Kundalini Citi Shakti

Yes, they are all thought of as Shatkis, as energies or more aptly ‘powers’… and all may be referred to as life force… but their density, temperature, apparent origin, function, flows, fruits and how they are accessed are all very different.

Having activated eros, orgasm, chi, prana, and/or kundalini does not make you ‘Consciously Embodied.’

Being able to cultivate eros, orgasm, chi, prana, and/or kundalini does not make you ‘Awake.’

Eros and orgasm are hot and originate in the genitals, at the front of the body, moving through it in rolling heat-waves of various densities, tingling and delighting and exciting the neuro-chemistry quite obviously. It brings pleasure and openness and felt sensitivity to the system. The body convulses and undulates when it is activated. The focus here is on activating the outside of the cellular structures to conduct more energy currents, literal rolling waves of sound-light-electricity, between them, that is usually apprehended as increasing when emotional densities and traumas are released or transmuted. It is often experienced most accessibly in emotional integration, trauma release work, sensuality, sexual activity, sacred sexuality, neo-tantra and bhakti yoga. It is predominately the dimension of feeling.

Chi and prana are lighter, softer flows of energy that are usually even, cooler and originating from the core of the body (and cellular structures), enabling a sense of aliveness and resourcefulness throughout the cells or otherwise more physical structures of the body. As ‘life force’ it brings aliveness and promotes healing and restoration of homeostasis in the system. The focus here is on activating the inside of the cellular structures to clear out waste and store more resources, usually apprehended by increasing vibrational frequencies as emotional-mental-psyche contents are transmuted AND their physical substrates are digested or expelled. It is often experienced most accessibly in energy meditations (like chi gung, and kundalini yoga, kryia yoga, tantra yoga and dynamic meditations), and shamanic practices (with and without ingesting ethnogens). It is predominately the dimension of energy and (manifest) power.

Kundalini flows as spacious light, moving like liquid lightening, originating anywhere along the primary channel in the spine, from the tail bone through to the crown of the head (sometimes seemingly erupting through any prana-chakras in the centre of the system, and even into surface bliss waves), and transcends temperature and pleasure and health, although it can stimulate the other energies to promote them, and instead brings presence, unbounded consciousness arising from/as/in spaciousness. The focus here is for awareness to penetrate through or beyond the constrictions of manifest forms, usually at their most apparently seed like or innate or subtlest level, for consciousness to be liberated from enacting them in the system. It is often experienced most accessibly in meditation on awareness, the nature of mind, Self/No-Self, Jana yoga, on transcendence of all form. It is predominantly the dimension of light and knowing.

Yes, you can intentionally activate and cultivate any of these. Such activation of any one can induce the activation of the others. But that activation and cultivation by your willpower/mind/psyche/or-otherwise-inherently-limited-sense-of-Self, ie top-down and outside-in, does not equal Awakeness IN and AS that energy, as a conscious power, as Chiti Shakti, from the inside out. Nor can such efforts actually Awaken you, your abiding as Your/The Divine Self. They can push parts of your psyche up and out of your consciousness, dissociating them from ‘you’ (your locus of conscious identity) or push your awareness above them, dissociating you from them (including your entire physical body), therefore creating a sense of more space and quiet and even apparent illumination…. and can, additionally, sometimes activate greater sensitivity and conductivity of energies in your system at each of these dimensions as a result. But none of this is Awakeness of your Self IN and AS any of the bodies you are made of.

Only Kundalini Chiti Shakti Awakening by Divine Grace can bring you into Consciousness AS these Shaktis, from the inside out.

And only Kundalini Chiti Shakti awakened and descending down through emptiness (via witness consciousness) in the head/Mind, into essential fullness at the Heart at the right (the seat of the heart beat), and then through the Void, into the core (womb/centre of the body) can actually awaken you IN and AS all these bodies you are made of and thus realise and live your Self as The Divinity: tacitly, actively, consciously abiding as Non-Dual Totality in every moment, movement and dimension. Being the Onlyness that Is.

Such Graceful Awakenings are initiations, beginnings, on a journey of Ceaseless Awakenings.

Because being Awake to any degree in any dimension does not inherently mean you are activated in or able to cultivate eros, orgasm, chi, prana, and/or kundalini (although it is far easier and more likely once you are awake!).

Such a Divine Grace can come from within, with no apparent preparation or outside initiation. It can come from any being, maybe an ordinary friend of yours, that already has their Kundalini Chiti Shakti awakened yet is far from perfected, like a wild-fire spreading. It can come intentionally (through thought, word, look or touch) only from those who are significantly awakened in the crown of the head or beyond, in Kundalini Chiti Shakti’s descent into embodiment. Those who can consciously hold the space to effectively guide (/fruitfully relate with) Kundalini Chiti Shakti to her fullest unfolding in Consciousness, and further still into Conscious Embodiment, are extremely rare… although the earth has more of them now than at any time in history… they are literally to be counted in the handfuls. Seek their support and guidance.

Blessed Be Us All in our unique Awakening journeys into Our Divinity Orgasms, Kundalini, Awakening & Embodiment - WTF?