Terms & Conditions of Engaging ChrisCStewart.com

SESSION REFUNDS – All payments, including payment plans, are non-refundable once delivery of services has commenced. The nature and timing of the services offered can be adjusted with mutual agreement to work with life’s limits and surprises (illness, unforeseeable events, to ensure the rate of change can be integrated etc) but otherwise sessions cancelled within 48 hours of their start time are non-refundable and not transferable.

EVENTS REFUNDS – There are no refunds unless event is cancelled without an offer to reschedule. If for some reason you cannot make the event you can transfer your ticket to another person at the same event or to another comparable (and mutually agreed) event within 3 months or forfeit your ticket. If deposits are requested for any event they are for administration costs required to secure venues and cover other preparation expenses are non-refundable, even if the service is cancelled and not rescheduled, and will be deducted from any refund given. Thank you for your understanding.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – While all care is taken, no legal responsibility is assumed for your participation in any of the services offered. You do so at your own risk. No warranty, no guarantee, no liability coverage is offered. You need to assess, ahead of commencement and throughout engagement, if you have the physical, emotional, mental and other supports and capacities to participate, mange your own safety and navigate any changes resulting from you choosing your own self-exploration actions. Chris C Stewart can only provide information and opinion and processes of a general nature, and professional medical and other appropriate supports should be your formal advisers.

PRIVACY – Any personal information supplied by you for or via this site may be removed upon request.

ENDORSEMENTS – Links to third party websites is not a formal recommendation, and the user should evaluate them for themselves for their purposes.

COPYRIGHT – All substantially original content of this site is © Copyright Chris C Stewart unless otherwise stated: All Rights Reserved. All other content is copyright of its respective owners and used with permission.

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