Deep Journeys For Profound Change


Deep Renewal Journeys


Embark on a Deep Renewal Journey to refresh and refuel your inner resources for your mission, intimacy, and wellbeing.

You CAN live a life of endless awakenings. Radical healings and awakenings are possible. They REALLY can happen for you. It doesn’t need to be a struggle. Make the time, invest in yourself, and use the tools and kind of support that can make magic happen.


Who is this for? You’ve got a hunger for change and unfolding your innate potentials. You’re open to exploring your psyche and unlocking your energetic powers. You’re curious and have benefited from some amazing offerings for self development. Now you sense you’re ready for journeying deeply to manifest sustained change that shifts your life trajectory into living the life of your dreams.


Each journey follows its own theme and weaves together a mix of transformational tools: Shamanic Clearing, Karmic Releasing, Energy Meditations, Embodied Astrology, Gazing Empowerments and Mantric Invocations. You’re all in and I’m all in with all my tools to meet, support and empower you.

“My life has completely changed.” ~ Becky B 

“Chris offers an incredibly unique and powerful process.” ~ Martina Hughes 

“I feel like a new person. I don’t ruminate about shit anymore, I’m not anxious, I don’t second guess myself all the time… Basically I feel at peace, at home. It’s lovely!!” ~ Samantha Joachim

“I have felt so much more peaceful, lighter, more awakened one might say and that feeling as remained.” ~ Sarah Dwyer

“I have felt more alive, focused and energised; there have been huge shifts where everything is flowing again. I would highly recommend Chris as a trusted exceptional healer.” ~ Michelle Sinclair

  • Life Clearing Journey

    Life Clearing Journey

    $1,200.00 60 minutes
  • Embodying Spiral Dynamics

    Embodying Spiral Dynamics Journey

    $1,200.00 60 minutes
  • The Dark Goddess Spiral™

    The Dark Goddess Spiral™ Journey

    $1,600.00 2 hours
  • Racing Renewal Journey

    Custom Renewal Journey

    $1,200.00 60 minutes


All sessions will occur online via Zoom or Phone. All 1on1 sessions can be scheduled for weekday afternoons and evenings, and weekend afternoons. If you can’t find a time or payment method that suits you in the online calendar, please contact Chris directly to schedule your session and make payment via EFT, TransferWise or PayPal.

“I went through a Journey with Chris starting in February 2018. This was absolutely one of the deepest and most life changing processes I’ve ever done and was well worth the time, effort and money invested. Chris is without a doubt one of the most empathetic and non-judgmental people I have ever worked with, which is so vital when doing such personal work. The Deep Renewal Journey supercharged every aspect of my life, and shined a light for all of the dreams I have ever wanted to accomplish. I discovered that all the gold was within me this whole time, but the effect of working with Chris is that I could very clearly recognize my own unique value and what my purpose path is in life. It was as though Chris helped me lift the lid on all that was suppressed within me, and I allowed myself the permission to be all I can be. I have felt the most wonderful sense of creative freedom and daring to dream of possibilities since this process. It completely changed my life and I am now pursuing a path that I never believed I would have deserved previously. I cannot recommend Chris or his work enough.”

Phoenix Moonstar – Author, Shame Soup: Sex, Drugs, Art…and Reinventing Myself Through Radical Self-Awareness

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