No matter how hard you work, how clear your intent is, how well you network, who you get mentored by, how massive your action is, or what you pray to, feel or embody… there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll ever be successful, get what you want or manifest your dreams.

Wishful thinking gives you a million things to spend your money and time on. Usually people who will keep you busy chasing dreams, endlessly, until you wake up.
What you can be assured of is you will experience failure, suffering and then die.

So between here and death, with no guarantee of any success, what is it you CAN do that is worth doing and failing at?

What is worth suffering for?

HOW do you wish to spend the precious time you have?

Personally I’m working at being more loving to myself and others and all existence. Sometimes it seems an impossible task, I fail at it regularly, and I suffer because of and for it regularly too. But every moment of movement towards living more love is such a sweet boon for me here and now, and it feels a gift to others and the world too.

What’s your thing?