All Gods & Goddesses
must be kept
on a leash
sadly this is
not some kind of
kinky fun times play
it’s as serious
as death
so please grasp close
these words today

Divine personas
have always
run amok
being infinitely vast
eternally free
they’ll topple
with glee
you, your life
the whole damned world

So sure, go ahead
either desperate or game
invite them in
but keep it contained
in a ring
or on an alter,
at the very least
timed until
a candle’s fire
is released

Just never leave
any invite open
cause they’ll take it!
what else
for a deity to do?
but frolic fuck you
into the void
of whatever
till there’s nothing left
to touch home to

What can us
mad devotees
ever hope
will become of us
we already know
we’re dead and buried
the juice’s in the play
the reckless abandon
of divine mystery
unfolding every which way

Oh god/desses help us all!

(C) Chris C Stewart 6/3/2020

Ahhh what a single image meme can inspire!