Chris C Stewart is just one of thousands of Chris Stewart’s in the world.  Chances are you may not have found the one you thought you were looking for.  Hopefully some of the biographical details below will help sort that out for you;)

Chris originally hails from Brisbane Queensland Australia, where he was born during an almighty thunder storm, which might explain his continued fascination with thunder and lightning and ‘big sky’ generally.  The third son of a surgical theatre nurse and army colonel, Chris’ early life was one of constant movement, from the UK to the USA and around Australia, including Toowoomba, Geelong (yes, if pressed, he admits to being a Geelong supporter), Melbourne and dozens of different suburbs in Canberra.  He made and lost many friendships, and left a permanent mark on every one of the 20+ houses he has lived in.

Despite his best efforts not to attend school, Chris did end up graduating from high school, college and university (twice).  He laments, however, that little of the content of the education has ever proven of much use.  His greatest learnings came from challenging authority and social conventions, pursuing love and excitement, reading obscure or unfashionable books and participating in sports, scouts, theatre and travel.

Chris’ travels have taken him through North America, Europe, South East Asia and surprisingly very little of the really interesting parts of Australia.

If you’d like a more professional profile you can download one here: Chris C Stewart CV (464 downloads) .