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Foresight Links for Jan 31, 6:00 am

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  • NASA’s Dreaming: Future Space Technologies, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    From antimatter rockets to flying robots, NASA’s wish list of technologies for space exploration stretches the imagination. The ideas appear in the agency’s proposals for technologies from propulsion to robotics it might develop in the decades ahead. T…
  • New Game Gives Microsoft’s Revenue a Lift, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Microsoft rode strong sales of its new Kinect game device and its mainstay software products to deliver robust quarterly profits and sales. The world’s largest software company trails behind Apple and Google in fast-growing markets like smartphones and…
  • Seeing Melanoma, Ehud Rattner @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Scientists from Washington University, St. Louis, have developed new technologies that promise to solve one of the most difficult problems melanoma patients encounter. Although few people have this kind of skin cancer, the mortality rate among them is …
  • Arctic Ocean Feels the Heat, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Water flowing into the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean is about 2 °C warmer today than it has been for at least 2,000 years, according to a study published in Science. The findings add to the picture of Earth’s warming waters and melting sea i…
  • Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    We already knew about Android 3.0’s (Honeycomb) 3D capability and its new look with larger, revamped icons and the like. But now Google has revealed the details on many more feature updates and additions in its Android operating system for tablets. The…

The Year The Future Arrived

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This way to the futureJust got alerted to this great post by Rick Schettino relatively new to the futures field. As with so many, he’s been on a self-guided exploration, and constantly been amazed with what’s going on in our world. bravo I say;) The post declares 2010 The Year The Future Arrived and provides links to 250 headline making stories, neatly categorised, to show how our technological innovations/inventions and general advancements are starting to fulfil the future we (he?) grew up with in sci-fi books as a kid for example. Worth checking out. It is an amazing world out there… Oh, and it seems he’s doing a similar, if slightly more curated, links approach to my regular hindsight | Insight | Foresight links digests collections… automation in the information overload is definitely a future trend I’m happy to declare likely and necessary!

Hindsight Links for Jan 28, 6:00 am

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  • Failure, Fred Wilson @ A VC:
    Given the amount of startup activity we’ve been witnessing the past couple years in the web space, we are in for a bunch of strikeouts this year. We should not avoid talking about failure. Words like roadkill and deadpool should…
  • Why I don’t sell Kimchi, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    Years ago, I put together a really cool plan to get into the artisinal kimchi business (with a tofu sideline, of course). What, you didn’t know there was an artisinal kimchi business? Here’s the first draft of our packaging (click…
  • So It Turns Out Technology Really Does Empower Us, Team @
    It started with a car ride in Munich on Monday night. I was leaving a big party put on by…
  • Is Obama Gaining Power with Every Speech? (Are You?), Jeffrey Pfeffer @
    Everyone thinks President Obama is a great orator. I think he has moments of greatness but often misses important opportunities…
  • Case Study: A Rush to Failure?, Team @
    Editors’ Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from…

Insight Links for Jan 26, 6:00 am

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  • Caught between, Dan @ Dan Ariely:
    Although I’ve very clearly come down on one side of the debate about rationality in economics, there is another war that I’ve just found out I’m in the middle of. If you look very closely in the picture below from a recent iPhone commercial, Upside of Irrationality is one of …
  • Joe Griffin on the science of human well-being, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    I’m very impressed with this integrative approach, which includes environmental, social aspects, of human psychology and psychotherapy and has important policy and philosophical implications. Really worth listening to:
  • The LWOT: Ghailani faces life at sentencing today; Alleged al Qaeda figure could be deported to U.S. – by Andrew Lebovich, ANDREW LEBOVICH @ Foreign Policy:
    Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on or get it delivered directly to your inbox — just sign up here.
  • Scorecasting: A Guest Post, Team @ Freakonomics:
    When my wife saw the cover of the new book Scorecasting by Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim, which was sitting on my bedside table, all she could do was shake her head.
  • Busting Docs Who Don’t Wash Their Hands, Team @ Freakonomics:
    Here’s an interesting method of combating the hand-hygiene problem discussed at length in SuperFreakonomics: “A doctor enters a hospital room to examine a patient, but neglects to wash her hands. A special badge on her lab coat turns a deep shade of re…

Foresight Links for Jan 24, 6:00 am

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  • Treating Genetic Disorders Before Birth, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Physicians may one day be able to treat genetic blood diseases before a child is even born. In a study of mice that was published this week in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have found…
  • Phil Bowermaster on the Singularity, Michael Anissimov @ Accelerating Future:
    Over at the Speculist, Phil Bowermaster understands the points I made in “Yes, the Singularity is the biggest threat to humanity”, which, by the way, was recently linked by Instapundit, who unfortunately probably doesn’t get the point I’m trying to make. Anyway, Phil said: Greater than human intelligences might wipe …
  • Waiting For Betelgeuse To Explode: 2012? Second Sun?, Randall Parker @ FuturePundit:
    Either we won’t live to see it or Betelgeuse could do a supernova explosion at any time and for a couple of weeks it’ll be much brighter out. The second biggest star in the universe is losing mass, a typical indication that a gravitation collapse is oc…
  • iPad 2 Won’t Have 2048 by 1536 Resolution, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    It’s unlikely the rumored iPad 2 tablet will have a screen resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels–four times that of the current 1024-by-768 iPad. But future iPads might, according to research firm IDC. Citing sources from component manufacturers, Taiwanes…
  • Dying Star Betelgeuse Won’t Explode in 2012, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    The super-giant red star Betelgeuse in Orion’s nebula is predicted to cataclysmically explode, and the impending supernova may even reach Earth — someday. But will it happen by 2012, as recent news reports suggest? Probably not, experts told FoxNews.c…

Hindsight Links for Jan 21, 6:00 am

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  • Have a Question for Procter & Gamble CTO Bruce Brown?, Scott Anthony @
    Next Monday I am going to be facilitating a panel discussion in Singapore on “Asia Fuelling Global Innovation.” After sharing…
  • Obama Must Push for a Higher Yuan, Team @
    President Obama is now meeting with China’s President Hu Jintao over a number of tough issues, among them the value…
  • Why Wal-Mart Is Making Our Health Its Problem, Team @
    The health problems caused by the consumption of salty and transfat-laden foods are the ultimate externality. That’s the economist’s term…
  • Freecity Supershop Supermät, Team @ Cool Hunting:
    A shop known as much for its free organic OJ as its silk-screen printed tees, Nina Garduno recently moved her westside mainstay Freecity from Malibu to Hollywood. While the new home is 3,000 square feet, the “supermät” will keep a neighborhood feeling with its locally-sourced goods and welcoming vibe….
  • Are You Wasting Money On Useless Knowledge Management?, Team @
    Is your company investing in expensive knowledge management systems that are useless for making big, strategy decisions? Most companies recognize…

Insight Links for Jan 19, 9:19 pm

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  • Mating strategies in primates: A game theoretical approach to infanticide, Team @ Complexity Digest 2011.02:
    Infanticide by newly immigrated or newly dominant males is reported among a variety of taxa, such as birds, rodents, carnivores and primates. Here we present a game theoretical model to explain the presence and prevalence of infanticide in primate g…
  • The Referendum Hangover – By Maggie Fick, MAGGIE FICK @ Foreign Policy:
    January 9 may well have been the happiest and most hopeful day Southern Sudan has seen in half a century. But there is a danger in celebrating too soon.
  • Deepening crisis traps America’s have-nots, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:

  • Remembering Zoe Anderson, 1986 — 2010, Team @ TED Blog:
    The TED community is grieving the loss of Zoe Anderson, the 24-year-old daughter of TED Curator Chris Anderson. She died tragically of carbon monoxide poisoning on December 28, 2010. Chris has posted this beautiful tribute to Zoe’s life (including wonderful photos) and her many, many friends have created this Facebook Memorial for her. A true […]
  • Tapping Into the Power of Clarity to Live More Consciously, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:

    By Bill Austin


    The big difference between masters and masters-in-training is that masters are more conscious and aware of who they are and how people and events impact them energetically. In other words, masters tap into the power of clarity whereas…

  • Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything, Team @ Complexity Digest 2011.04:
    What if there were a computer that could answer virtually any question? IBM engineers are developing such a machine, teaching it to compete on the quiz show Jeopardy. It will have to understand language, including puns and irony, and master e…
  • Tunisian cyberspace as a terrain of struggle, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    Excerpted from a detailed report by Nate Anderson in Wired: “Here’s a guide to the part of this battle fought in cyberspace over the last month. * Web blocking: Soon after the protests began, Tunisia ramped up its attempts at controlling the internet. These started simply enough, with straight-up site blocking. In an open letter […]
  • Obama’s Other War – By Joe Bavier, JOE BAVIER @ Foreign Policy:
    Can Barack Obama really defeat Central Africa’s worst guerrilla warlord?
  • Because It Works, Ian Ayres @ Freakonomics:
    To my mind, WeightWatchers is the industry leader in performing rigorous testing of their services. Under the leadership of Karen Miller-Kovach, its chief scientific officer, it has sponsored several randomized control trials comparing the effectivene…
  • What Costs $25,000 an Inch on Weekdays?, Stephen J. Dubner @ Freakonomics:
    And $35,000 an inch on weekends?