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Foresight Links for Nov 29, 6:00 am

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  • Saturn Moon Has Oxygen Atmosphere, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    An oxygen atmosphere has been found on Saturn’s second largest moon, Rhea, astronomers announced Thursday-but don’t hold your breath for colonization opportunities. For one thing, the 932-mile-wide (1,500-kilometer-wide), ice-covered moon is more than …
  • Michael Vassar: Top Ten Reasons to Expect the Next Ten Years to Be More Exciting than the Last, Michael Anissimov @ Accelerating Future:
    Some of Michael Vassar’s futurist ideas are online at H+ magazine: 9. Augmented Reality: The killer app for most of the above. Want to talk with someone? Their Aura tells you how busy they probably feel as assessed by skin conductance, sleep history, and inbox content. Where did you put …
  • Second-Hand Smoke Kills 600,000 A Year, Anuradha Menon @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Second-hand smoke globally kills more than 600,000 people each year, accounting for 1% of all deaths worldwide, according to a new study. The alarming findings – published on Thursday in the British medical journal Lancet – are based on a survey of 192…
  • Contrasting Views on the Stability of the US Power Grid, Michael Anissimov @ Accelerating Future:
    “Why it’s hard to crash the electric grid” from Eurekalert: Last March, the U.S. Congress heard testimony about a scientific study in the journal Safety Science. A military analyst worried that the paper presented a model of how an attack on a small, unimportant part of the U.S….
  • Slowing Cancer Metabolism, Janice Karin @ TFOT – The Future Of Things:
    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts are exploring new cancer drugs that work to slow or block cancer metabolism, effectively starving cancer cells to death. According to their stud…

Hindsight Links for Nov 26, 6:00 am

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  • Are we there yet? Ten years on from the decade of reconciliation, paitken @ Australian Policy Online – Research:
    Creator:  Jacqueline Phillips Creator:  Kate Aubrey-Poiner Calling o…
  • Happy Turkey Day, Nathan Yau @ FlowingData:
    Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots and lots and lots. Rest. Then eat more.
  • A modern thanksgiving, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    Wherever you are, you could celebrate Thanksgiving today. Not the Thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest before the long winter, the holiday of pilgrims and pie. That’s a holiday of scarcity averted. I’m imagining something else… A modern Thanksgiving would celebrate……
  • Why a Happy Brain Performs Better, Sylvia Ann Hewlett @
    Featured Guest: Shawn Achor, CEO of Aspirant and author of The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That…
  • Thanks For Entrepreneurs, Fred Wilson @ A VC:
    It’s Thanksgiving. And I woke up thinking about entrepreneurs. It was probably this awesome Steve Blank blog post that caused that. Steve says: I believe that we will look back at this decade as the beginning of an economic revolution…

Insight Links for Nov 24, 6:00 am

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  • A general public license for seeds?, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    Context from Sepp Hasslberger: “The same multinational corporations that are putting their proprietary, genetically modified plants into the envorinment and onto our tables are also well on the way to establishing a monopoly …on seeds. They have purchased the majority of commercial seed companies and the choices for farmers to …
  • Here Is Your Mother, Ian Ayres @ Freakonomics:
    In a previous post, I asked why the writers of the TV show House chose for last week’s episode (“A Pox on our House”) to have a sick family composed of a recently married husband and wife who each bring to the marriage a child from a previous relations…
  • Wedding-Driven Markets, Team @ Freakonomics:
    The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has thrilled tabloid newspapers around the world, but the effects may be more far-reaching than you realize.
  • Should We Hope Congestion Gets Worse?, Eric A. Morris @ Freakonomics:
    One of the less cheery parts of studying transportation is that the activity you have devoted your life to is widely considered an unmitigated downer. Even aside from the external environmental costs each trip places on society, travel is held to be no…
  • The 3 rules of mindsets- Daniel Pink on Growth Mindsets, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:
    I’ve always enjoyed the work of cognitive scientist Dan Pink- here he posts some insightful commentaries on the difference between fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. Guess which one characterises R2 Meshworkers? Here we go………

    Last week at a conference, I had the good fortune of hearing a lecture by Stanford …

Foresight Links for Nov 22, 6:00 am

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Insight Links for Nov 20, 9:19 pm

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  • The Engagement Pyramid- Building Better Strategies for Engaging People in Your Cause or Business, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:

  • 12th November 2010: ‘Initial’ PhD Proposal, Alex @ Alex Burns:
    For the past 3-4 years I’ve been working on a PhD project. It’s gone through several topic changes and about 240,000 words of draft notes. I finally settled on a topic in early 2010: how strategic culture as a framework for understanding the decisions and preferences of national policy elites is adopted in counterterrorism studies, […]
  • Freakonomics Radio: Could a Lottery Be the Answer to America’s Poor Savings Rate?, Stephen J. Dubner @ Freakonomics:
    The Gates Foundation has just pledged $500 million to a cause that seems quite different from typical problems like disease, famine or illiteracy. That $500 million is going to help poor people learn to save money.
  • The 1,000th TEDx event was today!, Team @ TED Blog:
    Photo from TEDxBoulder. From the TEDx Posterous blog: Today marks another TEDx milestone —  today’s TEDxBerlin is the 1000th TEDx event! The first TEDx event — TEDxUSC — was in March 2009, and in less than two years, one has become 1000.  Here’s to 1000 more, and some highlights of the past 1000: TEDx events […]
  • Future City Videos, Team @ Worldchanging: Bright Green:
    WorldChanging TeamAs promised, here is the video footage from our recent Future City event. Thank you to Seattle Event Video for providing the filming and editing…
  • Not so happy at Drumbeat Barcelona?, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    I heard quite a few unhappy reactions to the Drumbeat Festival, from p2p sympathizers in Barcelona, but this may be due to the cultural clash between the customary optimism of can-do U.S. participants and a more cautious European culture? (disclaimer: I was invited at the last minute in a quite convoluted process, but declined due […]
  • Gray Areas in Accounting, Dan @ Dan Ariely:
    Every profession is bound by written and unwritten rules and policies; some of them are set by organizations while others are an integral part of the occupation you choose. For example, doctors have to swear by the Hippocratic Oath, lawyers cannot divulge any privileged attorney-client conversations, and priests cannot reveal what was said to them […]
  • TEDxYouthDay is on!, Emily McManus @ TED Blog:
    TEDxYouthDay events have begun around the world! Watch the TEDxYouthDay Livestream — or sign up for a Meetup Everywhere to watch the stream. Many events on Nov. 20, including [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]apore and [email protected], will be collaborating through the livestream to do shout-outs and program sharing to other TEDxYouthDay events. Plus! (Read more…)
  • Paying People to Fix Their Pets, Team @ Freakonomics:
    A few years back, a Freakonomics reader named Stephanie Downs wrote in with an idea: bribing people (with cash, gift certificates etc.) to spay or neuter their pets. “I found your story about the [Israeli] daycares very interesting,” she wrote. “I want…
  • What I Learned While Running the New York Marathon, Team @ Freakonomics:
    When I stated on this blog that I was hoping to run the NY marathon in under four hours, I was hoping that my public commitment would spur me on. And it did. Sort of. I ran under four hours – 3:54:59 to be precise – which I’m thrilled by. So score … (Read more…)

Hindsight Links for Nov 19, 6:00 am

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  • Embracing the upcycle instead of the downcycle, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    Does a stressful event start a cascade that ends up making even you more stressed? If an authority figure corrects your behavior, does the intervention lead you to push back and make the behavior worse? Does a failure set you…
  • Giving Every Person A Voice, Fred Wilson @ A VC:
    I had the pleasure of watching John Battelle interview Evan Williams to wrap the Web2 conference yesterday. John’s a great interviewer and it was a memorable talk. But the thing that stayed with me through the night and was on…
  • Pact Festive Holiday Collection, Team @ Cool Hunting:
    The new Festive Holiday Underwear Collection from Pact brings light not just to your skivvies but to those who need it most. Featuring three festive patterns designed by Yves Behar and his team at Fuseproject , with every purchase the brand donates a handheld, solar LED lantern to Haitian…
  • Money! Power! Fame! (And Other Ways to Fail), Team @
    One of the silliest ideas I’ve heard in this very silly political season is the just-floated trial balloon of an…
  • Will Focus Make You Happier?, Team @
    A November 15 article in the New York Times cited a recent study from Harvard happiness experts Daniel Gilbert and…

Insight Links for Nov 17, 6:00 am

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  • Looking to Twitter for a Market Edge?, Team @ Freakonomics:
    If you’re looking for a hot stock tip, consider Twitter. A new paper by Timm O. Sprenger and Isabell M. Welpe looks at the effects of microblogging on stock prices.
  • Labor Market Arbitrage, Daniel Hamermesh @ Freakonomics:
    The Economist explains how discrimination in the labor market can be reduced by competition in product markets. As in the U.S., Korean women obtain at least the same education as men; but their rates of labor-force participation are much further below …
  • How a community build a car: the Local Motors story, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    Corporate version of the crowdsourcing story of Local Motors:
  • Jean-Michel Cornu on digital fabrication, Michel Bauwens @ P2P Foundation:
    This is an excellent presentation on digital fabrication by Jean-Michel Cornu, in French, but with a really great organization so I believe our english-language readers would benefit from having a look at it: .prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-pla…
  • The Parent Trap: Addiction, Team @ Freakonomics:
    Shankar Vedantam of Slate hypothesizes that people continue to procreate, despite overwhelming evidence that parenting isn’t very fun, for much the same reason that cocaine users can’t quit: they’re addicts.