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Hindsight Links for Aug 27, 6:00 am

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  • Online Shopping and the Problem with Pictures, Jacqueline Conard @
    What if the thing that gets online shoppers to buy a product is also the thing that makes them dissatisfied…
  • The $300 House: A Hands-On Lab for Reverse Innovation?, Vijay Govindarajan @
    Editor’s note: This post was written with Christian Sarkar, a marketing consultant who also works on environmental issues. David A….
  • Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, Ami Kealoha @ Cool Hunting:
    The preservative-free, luminizing black mask from Boscia purifies skin with a pore-cleansing, peel-off formula. Filled with minerals, extracts, natural clay, vitamins and antiseptics, I like that the recipe mixes the benefits of a more traditional clay mask with modern ingredients. The upshot is a mask that penetrates well, removing…
  • Q, Roman Espejo @ Cool Hunting:
    Q elevates the chocolate bar to new heights of gastronomy. The recently launched confection owes its rich taste to Brazil’s finest cocoa beans and equally sensuous curves to Oscar Niemeyer, the country’s celebrated modern architect. Q was concocted by Samantha Aquim, chef and head of the chocolate division at…
  • Icons of the Web scaled by popularity, Nathan Yau @ FlowingData:Icons of the web scaled by Alexa reach

    Nmap visualizes site popularity as scaled icons. Favicons, that is. They’re that little icon that shows in your address bar or when you bookmark a site in your browser.

Political Commentary by Proxy: Australia Loving Its Indecision

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It’s a funny thing creating a blog, for what, about the sixth time… no matter how I counselled myself, it’s still a beast begging to be fed.  So, in lou of providing actual commentary on life, politics, futures or passing fancies, below is some political commentary by proxy (which amounts to the same thing, just not original on my behalf): it had me smiling, sitting up a little taller (and later) and re-filling my glass a little faster given all the one person solutes to good insight.

(BTW, these are all taken from’s daily subscriber email for Thursday 26th August 2010 – thank God for independent journalism!;)

From the editor of Crikey, talking about ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating’s most recent foray into public attention:

“When he presses the button to vaudeville, there’s no-one on the political stage quite like Keating. If only he could devote even a small portion of that intellectual prowess to current or important issues, rather than spending his time slagging off at his former colleagues.”

Guy Rundle, the most consistently insightful and entertaining commentator I’ve had the pleasure to read (perhaps because he hasn’t made much comment this election?) nailed my inner sentiment precisely in his article today….and so some extended quotes to give a flavour of his points (to get the real joy, you’ll need to read the full piece): (more…)

Insight Links for Aug 22, 10:19 pm

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  • 10 Changes During the Next 10 Years in the World of Work, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:
  • Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World, Team @ Complexity Digest 2010.21:
    Over the past decade there has been a growing public fascination with the complex connectedness of modern society. This connectedness is found in many incarnations: in the rapid growth of the Internet, in the ease with which global communicat…
  • Biodiversity- the Next Environmental Issue for Business?, Robin Wood @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:

    As with climate change a few years ago, executives are now beginning to

  • How we view people with medical labels?, danariely @ Dan Ariely:
    A few weeks ago we conducted an online study on this question (the link to the survey was the “Click to participate” on the right side of the screen), and I wanted to thank the participants and tell you a bit about what we found. In this study all the participants viewed a potentially funny […]
  • 8th August 2010: APSA Jobs Guide for Political Scientists, Chris @ Alex Burns:
    The American Political Science Association (APSA) will have its annual general meeting and symposium in September. Here (PDF) is a ‘Jobs Guide for Political Scientists’ from the APSA journal PS: Political Science supplement. Although I’ve not sought formal approval from APSA to upload this, it has information and insights that candidates in academic job markets […]
  • The password conundrum, danariely @ Dan Ariely:
    By Alon Nir 0. Intro Sometimes interesting opportunities can emerge from unfavorable situations. Tense diplomatic atmosphere between Israel and Turkey in the past couple of months, brought on a cyber-attack from the Turkish side. A major Israeli apartment-listing website was hacked and so was Pizza Hut’s local website. The credentials of over 100,000 user accounts [… (Read more…)
  • 27th July 2010: Rail Meltdown and the Bullwhip Effect, Chris @ Alex Burns:
    Hong Kong’s Metro Trains took over Melbourne’s rail network from French operator Connex on 30th November 2009. It’s been a troubled transition: cancelled trains, union lobbying, procurement delays, failures in overhead electrical systems . . . and the project budget blowout and rollout delays of the Myki smartcard system. (Read more…)
  • 24th July 2010: ‘Psycho’ With A Live Orchestra, Chris @ Alex Burns:
    Music critic Alex Ross noted in a recent New Yorker interview about film composer Michael Giacchino that contemporary audiences were rediscovering old films and classical soundtracks via ‘events’ with live orchestras. Today original geekgirl Rosie X and I saw the Bates Motel Orchestra — probably the entrepreneurial string section of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on […]
  • Distributed energy => distributed communication => distributed consciousness, Graham Boyd @ Everyone’s Blog Posts – R2 Global Meshwork:
    Have a look at the video below of a speech Jeremy Rifkin gave at Google.

    Excellent insight into the role energy and communication have played triggering
    changes in human consciousness, and especially empathy.

    Loved his comments towards the end on how this is already manifesting in some
    European cities in the form of energy co-operatives.

  • 15th August 2010: But Will It Make You Happy?, Chris @ Alex Burns:
    For the past year I’ve worked with academics at Melbourne’s Victoria University (VU) who have consumer behaviour, leisure, marketing and positive psychology expertise. Their succinct message: anticipation, emotional affect, leisure experiences, mindfulness, strong social relationships and simple living can strengthen your psychological feelings of happiness. New York Times journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom has an overview of […]

Hindsight Links for Aug 20, 6:00 am

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  • Trove: innovation in access to information in Australia, Team @
    Creator:  Rose Holley This article describes the National Library of Australia’s Trove search engine features and its applications for contributors and u…
  • Splitting wood, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    When using an axe to split logs, it’s awfully tempting to aim at the top of the log. After all, if you miss the log entirely, it’s dangerous or at the very least, ineffective. One can argue that if you…
  • The Public Hi-Fi Balloon, Team @ Cool Hunting:
    by Noah Armstrong Before Robert Pollard formed the seminal lo-fi band Guided by Voices, he was a high school student making imaginary album covers for imaginary bands. The collage style of these mock album covers would eventually manifest itself in much of the album art for Guided by Voices, and…
  • Diamond Lights, Adrienne So @ Cool Hunting:
    With a 15-watt halogen bulb encased in clear glass, the aptly-named Diamond Lights emanate a romantically vintage vibe balanced by a modern form. Created by Swedish graphic designer Eric Therner, Diamond Lights challenge the typical smooth pear shaped bulb in favor of something faceted, exuding both comfort and intrigue….
  • Paper New York, Jacob Resneck @ Cool Hunting:
    As urbanization continues to increase many of NYC’s 20th-century icons–from the Empire State Building to MTA subway cars–have become short-hand for our super-urban-modern existence. Kell Black’s 48-page Paper New York makes a great gift or DIY diversion for recreating the metropolis from paper. With arcing spans of the Brooklyn…

Hindsight Links for Aug 13, 6:00 am

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  • Do you have the right background to win at small business?, Brendan Lewis @ One Sock:
    A source of regular marital disharmony at my house is how issues at work should be solved. The end point of these conversations is generally one of us not speaking to the other for 10 minutes. My wife has spent almost her entire career working for la…
  • Exploration and the risk of failure, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    People seem to be in one of two categories: Those who seek stability, affiliation, work worth doing and the assurance it (whatever it is) will be okay. Those who explore, need to know that failure is an option and quest…
  • Foundation elements for modern businesses, Seth Godin @ Seth’s Blog:
    When you sit down to dream up a new business, you can imagine a world without constraints. Or you can choose to build in fundamental pieces that will make it more likely your idea will pay off. Here are some…

Hindsight Links for Aug 6, 6:00 am

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  • Combining Business Model Prototyping, Customer Development, and Social Entrepreneurship, Alexander Osterwalder @ Business Model Alchemist:
    I’m writing this blogpost following another inspiring discussion with Steve Blank. One of the topics we chatted about was how his Customer Development process and the Business Model Canvas fit together. I wrote these ideas down while visiting Steve’s K&S ranch – inspired by its beauty, surroundings and amazing view …

Insight Links for Aug 4, 6:00 am

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