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Book Interviews with Saniel Bonder

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Dialogues With Emerging Spiritual Teachers – By John W. Parker. This is a chapter based on Saniel’s Interview Conducted by the Author John W Parker

Wide Awake: The Miracle of Spiritual Breakthrough – By Quidam Green Meyers. A chapter Based on Saniel’s interview in San Raphael, California by the Author.

The Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You Are Waking Up and Changing the World – By Arjuna Ardagh. Saniel was interviewed for and quoted throughout this book.

Insight Links for Oct 26, 10:19 pm

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  • Just Breathing…, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Breathe In… I have never felt the urge not to change. The impetus to ‘stay put’ or to ‘play safe’ is foreign to my nature. In truth, it offends me. Curiosity – about new ideas, people and places – is… (Read more…)
  • Not In My Backyard, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    “It’s great to be back home, even if it is only for a few days”. Finn had just arrived back from Shanghai, recently awarded the prestigious World’s Greenest City prize by the World Forum over previous winner Sorokovka, Chelyabinsk in…
  • From Here to Where, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Shrewd futurists scour the past as well as investigating the possible in their never-ending search for clues and insights into the present. In terms of the social order our forebears so diligently created, that which manifests today, the past happens…

Saniel and Linda’s Fierce Mystery Courses

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An Integral Look at Opening the Gateway of Mutuality Hans Plasqui of Belgium has been a student of Ken Wilber’s Integral teachings and, more recently, a practitioner of our WholeHEART Way work. In London last August, he gave Saniel a copy of a paper he wrote for his Integral Studies work at JFK University: Opening the Gateway of Mutuality: An Introduction to the Trans-Lineage Path of Saniel Bonder. It’s an Integral evaluation of Saniel’s writings and our work. At Saniel’s suggestion, Saniel and Hans anchored this no-holds-barred teleconference discussion of the work and Hans’s paper which occurred in January 2010.

Get Fierce! Cultivating Consciousness & Discriminative Intelligence

The Force of Destiny Intensive Collection

The Human SUN Experience

Books by Waking Down Community Members

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Dancing in the Fire – Dancing in the Fire is a revised and updated collection of nearly 40 –including 7 brand new– personal accounts of stable, non-dual, embodied awakening in the Waking Down in Mutuality work and includes several accounts of post-awakening lives.

A Woman’s Guide to Opening a Man’s Heart – By Kamala Allen. The Author has acknowledged Saniel Bonder and other teachers who helped her awaken.

Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening – Tells the story of Shellee Rae’s spiraling life from a victim of childhood sexual abuse, a wild ride into alcoholism and drug addiction, and the darkness of deep depression to the doors of death. She then brings the reader on a relentless search for an escape from her life of nightmares. But instead of escape, Shellee discovers the wonders of a Consciousness she had not expected.