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Insight Links for Apr 29, 9:19 pm

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  • The Guest List, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Its that time of the year again, Songkran or Thai New Year, when the majority of Thais head home for the five day holiday. And so it is that I find myself once again in my wife’s village in the…

Official Waking Down Websites

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Waking Down – The official Waking Down in Mutuality website. It includes free introductory materials about Waking Down, provides profiles of all recognised teachers and mentors, a calendar of events in the USA and overviews of key free and paid audio and printed materials about Waking Down.

Awakened Mutuality – The official website of the Institute of Awakened Mutuality that offers educational opportunities for a growing community of people devoted to ever-growing embrace of all that they are. The site contains information regarding the various aspects and functioning of the Institute. There are regularly expanded collections of audio, video and essays on Waking Down.

Mutuality – This site is maintained by the Waking Down Community Network. It publishes a group blog of individual journal entires that are up to the minute with community member’s explorations of Waking Down. There is also a prized archive of Eduardo’s colorful and informative e-zine, Mutuality Matters.

Waking Down Under – WDU is the site maintained by the Australian Waking Down in mutuality community. It publishes a blog of individual journal entries, event information for Australia and a range of resource links.

Integral Life Interviews with Saniel and Linda

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The Conveyor Belt One of the great advantages of 21st century spiritual experimentation is that we now have an enormous body of psychological and sociological data at our disposal, as well as a highly refined perception of the universe around us—all of which offers a much clearer view of the role spirituality plays in our lives. Two of the most useful concepts to help us understand the full spectrum of spiritual realities are the notions of stages of human growth (as revealed by such developmental pioneers as Jean Gebser, James Fowler, Carol Gilligan, Jean Piaget, Abraham Maslow, etc., describing human growth as evolving through archaic, magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, and integral stages) and states of consciousness (descriptions of gross, subtle, causal, and nondual experiences that are found cross-culturally, in almost every major tradition.)