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Insight Links for Mar 30, 9:19 pm

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  • Change You Can Bank On, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    The whole drama of human history is enacted in a frame of meaning too large for human comprehension or management Last month the acknowledged rate of unemployment in the US rose to a 25-year high of over 8 per cent…
  • Bad Boys, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    In a previous posting some weeks ago I suggested that the US model of capitalism, fuelled by easy credit, driven by greed, and populated by a deluge of complicated financial products that few people even pretend to understand, is doomed….
  • Global Warming – Global Emergency, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    The fatal flaw in the current global warming debate is that most of the key players are singing off the wrong song sheet. Current policy proposals are based on scientific information which at least five years out-of-date. The latest information…
  • No Return To Normal, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Barack Obama’s presidency began in hope and goodwill, but its test will be its success or failure on the economics. Did the president and his team correctly diagnose the problem? Did they act with sufficient imagination and force? And did…
  • For the Common Good, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    According to the Asian Development Bank the fall in the value of financial assets may have reached $50,000 billion, with estimated losses in Asia (excluding Japan) of at least $9,625 billion. Many developing nations face a financing gap of between…
  • The High Life, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Alligators basking off the English coast; a vast Brazilian desert; the mythical lost cities of Saigon, New Orleans, Venice and Mumbai; and 90 per cent of humanity vanished. Welcome to the world warmed by 4°C. Clearly this is a vision…
  • netGuilds, Richard Hames @ The Hames Report:
    Based on debt and compounded interest on debt, funded by the wealthy seeking even greater wealth, dependent upon easy credit leading to easy consumption, driven by an insatiable desire for more of everything and resulting in unprecedented material comfort for…

Saniel and Linda Offerings Websites

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Heart Gazing – This is the dedicated website for an online course, Transmission of the HEART offered by Saniel and Linda. This course is free.

Heart Speak Media – This is the dedicated website for subscribing to Saniel andLinda’s monthly audio offerings.

Take Heart Tour – The Take Heart Tour is the Saniel and Linda’s website about their world wide tours. The site contains schedule and registration information.


Saniel Bonder – Introductory Books

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Waking down: a breakthrough way of self-realization in the sanctuary of mutuality – This book is an introduction to Saniel and to the process of awakening with him. Coming from a guru based background he teaches, and preaches this way of devotion.

Great Relief: Nine Sacred Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know About Freedom, Love, Trust, and the Core Wound of Your Life

Healing the Spirit/Matter Split: An Invitation to Wake Down in Mutuality and Fulfill Your Divinely Human Destiny – This is a potent book on the essential challenge of 21st century spirituality: uniting transcendental awakeness with full valuation of the Earth, life, the body, and all relationships.

The Conscious Principle: Talks on Recognition Yoga and Mutual Conscious Embodiment – Four essays on living the “Onlyness” of Consciousness and phenomena.

Saniel Bonder – Advanced Teachings Books

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The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart: Divinely Human Self-Realization and Sacred Marriage: A Breakthrough Way for Westerners – Saniel’s first book is something of a legend in its own time in terms of both its revolutionary-evolutionary content and its often wild, juicy, “first thought/best thought” form.

Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas: A Breakthrough Way of Self-Realization in the Sanctuary of Mutuality – Saniel’s first general audience book, a classic early expression of the emergent philosophy of embodiment of awakened consciousness and the unique power of mutuality for those embracing it in his work. This is an excerpt from The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart.

The Incarnation of Mutuality – Saniel’s second major, far-reaching and innovative tantric text.


WDM Community – Other Sites

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Integral Heart – This is the personal website of Terry Patten is an Integral coach, teacher, trainer, consultant, and writer. Terry is the partner of senior Waking Down teacher Deborah Boyar. The “Integral Heart” embodies a disposition that pays attention to the core of all things—the center that also connects with—and integrates—all dimensions of reality.


Waking Down – Gazing Videos

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Linda introduces Gazing Meditation