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Meaning Making, Politics and Strategy

// April 24th, 2007 // Comments Off on Meaning Making, Politics and Strategy // Opinion

I was chatting with a potential client the other day…I like to use provocation to engage and test the quality of my clients… and on this occasion there was one topic where I got to really grab their attention. Asked about the importance of strategy documents, I said I consider them basically useless.

Their value, I proposed, rests only in capturing and reminding people of the meaning making that has already occurred amongst those generating the strategy. The important part is the meaning making process, as like it or not, a) strategy needs to be understood and shared by those implementing it for it to actually be followed and b) strategy needs to be a living, dynamic management of overall direction, that responds to an ever more complex operating environment, something a very dead document can never do. Blindly following a document that you might not understand or that you don’t agree fits the changing context for the organisation is the opposite of strategic thinking and action: it invites only petty political plays and overall, strategic blindness on behalf of the organisation. (more…)