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The Secret and Magical Futures

// March 20th, 2007 // Comments Off on The Secret and Magical Futures // About

In describing what I actually do as a futurist, and as ever, trying to fit into the 30 second elevator pitch at parties, I’ve often come back to a joking stance: “I’m a rigorous imagination technician. Not engineer, that you do for yourself. But technician, helping explain how things work, yes, that I do with imagination, vision, images of the future and how to get there or avoid going there.”

Despite the critical-reflexive, self/client empowering, non-deterministic and inherent action orientation of this stance, I still get dumbfounded by the level of magical thinking in our society when it comes to the future. Whether it be techno-optimists who religiously fantasise and proselytise that we will create technology beyond our dreams and solve every problem and open up impossible means of transcendence, all at the flick of a psychic switch, or new-age retro-romantics who have read the cards, studied their sun signs for the year and, in the middle of a primal scream session had a sudden realisation gifted by an animal spirit that their future would require we do away with all technology, they all have one thing regularly in common: magical thinking. (more…)

An All-In-One Cancer Cure?

// March 7th, 2007 // Comments Off on An All-In-One Cancer Cure? // Opinion

Sometimes things sound too good to be true, but they’re not. Here’s hoping this recent report from that an old, unpatented, known-to-be-safe-to-humans drug called dichloroacetate (DCA) really is the silver bullet for cancer. The key activity for those scientifically minded: (more…)